Dr.John Herzog-the doctor’s book of survival home remedies review

The doctor’s book of survival home remedies review

dr john herzog

Dr. John Herzog is an orthopedic surgeon here in Falmouth, Maine.

This might sound strange coming from a doctor, but he says he is doing his level best to help people reduce or even eliminate doctors or hospital visits.

Doctor’s Book of Survival Home Remedies is all about powerful home remedies you can often use in place of going to a hospital or a doctor.

In fact, there are more than 100 remedies that we can use instead of rushing to the hospital.

This book is a compilation of Dr. John Herzog’s home remedies for various situations that we often encounter in our daily lives.

It provides you with the best natural solutions to common health problems and ailments

Dr. John Herzog’s book can help patients save money by reducing the need for costly medical appointments.

They can also improve the quality of life of patients by providing them with the knowledge they need to take care of themselves.

This is an amazing book with natural remedies for many ailments, and a lot of nutritional information as well.

This book provides both home remedies and also has some basic information on herbs and foods that can help with some of the symptoms

The doctor’s book of survival home remedies review

It’s a great resource for people who are just beginning to learn about healthy living.

Dr. John Herzog book with information on many subjects that would be helpful to the reader.

It’s up-to-date and informative, providing the reader with a lot of practical ideas on health and wellness

Here are some important topics mentioned in Dr. John Herzog ‘doctor’s book of survival home remedies’ book.

How Small Everyday Ailments Become Life-Threatening Conditions

Most Folks Are Blind To This Fact

I’m sure that you are aware of how serious having a life-threatening condition can be in an SHTF situation. That goes without saying.

But what many people don’t talk about is how small everyday ailments can cause big, big trouble even when everything is just fine and dandy in our society. (which is NEVER – but that’s a whole different ball of wax).

So, if you would like to know right away how to deal with these small but potentially life-threatening ailments

Doctor's Book of Survival Home Remedies

If not… Let me cut to the chase here.

People rarely think about back pain, blood pressure, digestive issues, fungal infections, burns, or even anxiety and depression when thinking about an  SHTF situation…

…but every one of those everyday health problems can cause big life-threatening problems.

When there are no more hospitals, doctors, and medications to even take care of things like a burn or fungal infection, you and your family are in danger.

Keep your family and yourself healthy with this Health Survival Encyclopedia

The doctor’s book of survival home remedies review


Who takes care of your health while doctors are busy battling the crisis?

In the coming days it may become hard to manage your blood pressure without drugs… keep your memory sharp… and kick your immunity in high gear.

Dr. John Herzog assembled an essential list of “survival remedies” for those stuck at home with little to no access to healthcare.

They’re exactly what you need if you expect a future with

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Dr.John Herzog : Natural remedies for survival in Dr.John Herzog book

What home remedies work best in a crisis?

It’s strange, but until recently it was very hard to know the answer. Because there wasn’t a resource just for survival home remedies.

But this “survival surgeon” from Maine sought to change this. Dr. John Herzog put together the largest collection ever assembled of home remedies that are especially useful in a survival scenario.

This is essential especially in a “no doctor” situation, when you can’t (or won’t) go to the hospital.

The doctor’s book of survival home remedies review

Dr.John Herzog : Make your own antibiotics at home

Did you know you can make your own penicillin, at home… using cantaloupe rinds?

In a survival situation where pharmacies are closed (or looted), survival home remedies could be your only hope.

For instance, you can make your own anesthetic at home.

This book shows how to make chloroform at home… a powerful

painkiller that can prove essential in a health emergency.

Plus 101 other home remedies for survival situations –

in Dr. John Herzog’s book that’s been an instant hit with preppers and patriots.

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“The Doctor’s Book of Survival Home Remedies”.

The Secret About Your Mental Health

Find why the hair on our arms standing up might be warning of something more serious.

The good news is you might be able to make some simple adjustments in your lifestyle to provide your mind and body with what it needs to stay calm.

Here are some ways that may work to manage your anxiety and depression. The bonus is that most of them are free!

If you or a loved one are plagued with anxiety, a balanced diet is a must.

Chamomile And Swollen Eyes

Why swollen eyes could point to a common skin condition

And how the intake of chamomile prevents another autoimmune disease, that is causing your immune system to attack your skin and joints.

Find out some of the most common and useful home remedies to make with bay leaves.

A study published in Phytotherapy Research found that bay leaf oil was as effective as morphine for pain control.

You may be surprised at just how many home remedies you can prepare with bay leaves.

A very simple home remedy is to use bay leaves regularly in cooking.

Beyond cooking, bay leaves can be used to combat localized pain and inflammation, aid digestion, or reduce anxiety.

Dr. John Herzog explains about Hibiscus – Fight Free Radical Damage

The garden herb that could eliminate dandruff (find it in the supermarket or grow it in the backyard).

You can get many of the health benefits of hibiscus from drinking simple teas made from the flower calyces.

Hibiscus can also be made into different home remedies to help with a variety of conditions.

The doctor’s book of survival home remedies review

What To Eat When Recovering From A Serious Burn.

When you suffer a burn, your cells react like popcorn when you throw it into hot oil.

Any type of burn puts stress on your body and what you eat can affect how your body reacts to that stress.

Stick with foods that are high in antioxidants, like blueberries, raspberries, artichokes, and spinach, and find out what to avoid.

All of that, and more, is inside The Doctor’s Book of Home Survival Remedies.

The doctor’s book of survival home remedies review

Order The Doctor’s Book of Home Survival Remedies and get 3 bonus books.

1.The Doctor’s Book of 100 Delicious Healthy Recipes


A list of 100 delicious recipes to support those with conditions like Arthritis, Back pain, Blood pressure, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Infections, Osteoporosis, and many more.

For each condition, you’ll learn what foods are recommended and what is to be avoided.

You’ll discover simple step-by-step instructions to prepare healthy and tasty steaks, soups, salads, smoothies, pasta, risottos, and more.

2. The Doctor’s List of Food as Medicine

dr john herzog
Doctor’s Book of Survival Home Remedies

This List is designed to help eliminate the confusing questions of “What should I eat?” or “What foods should I NOT eat?”

This simple but powerful list is designed to help anyone discover exactly what foods help promote healing in the body.

This is a must for anyone with a passion for living their best independently-healthy life.

I’ve also included a whole section dedicated to foods rich in antioxidants.

These are foods that naturally detox the cells in our bodies so our organs function as they’re designed.

3. The Doctor’s Book of Home Triage

dr john herzog
Doctor’s Book of Survival Home Remedies

Do you know the 7 principles of saving a man’s life? If you don’t, maybe it wouldn’t hurt if you read this.

Broken bones, burns, skin infections, back pain, abdominal pain, plus cuts and contusions.

What should you do?

What shouldn’t you do?

Every family should have access to competent triage and treatment strategies if an ER is inaccessible.

This could be due to a blackout, a natural disaster, or even rural travel.
Or if someone simply never wants to set foot in one of those germ-filled wards.

The doctor’s book of survival home remedies review

This book is designed to give any family the tools they need to successfully triage and treat the conditions that typically require an ER visit. It’s a true lifesaver.

These 3 Special Reports are free to anyone who completes their order today.

The doctor’s book of survival home remedies review

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